Imperial Starfighters are generally TIE's, though some aren't.

Generally, an Imperial-Class star Destroyer carries 72 fighters: TIE starfighters, TIE bombers, and TIE Interceptors.
TIE interceptor

TIE Interceptor

TIE FightersEdit

TIE fighters are the main craft the Imperial Navy used to field, though now they attempt to field more TIE Interceptors than TIE fighters because the TIE fighter is weaker star fighter than the Interceptor. TIE fighters have a set of two laser cannons and have no shielding, but they are slower than the X-Wing the New Republic fields.

TIE InterceptorsEdit

TIE Interceptors are a new breed of TIE that are much faster than the X-Wings and have faster repeating lasers. they are genreally the same as a regular TIE fighter, except that the pilot relies on the speed to help him beat the aircraft. A-Wings are the equal of a TIE Interceptor because of their speed and cannon rotation.