� The Venator is a multi-purpose warship designed for combat and transport. It often is used to land troop expeditions and deploy troops right onto the site. It was 1,137 meters long, and carried 420 fighters: 192 V-Wings, or V-19 Torrents, and 192 Eta-2 Actis Interceptors, as well as 36 ARC-170 starfighters. It could land and deploy troops as needed.

Venator's WeaponryEdit

The Venator had a very good weaponry set, including 8 DBY-827 heavy dual turbolaser turrets, 2 medium dual turbolaser cannons, 52 point-defense dual laser cannons or turbolasers, and 4 heavy proton torpedo tubes. The Venator-class's eight heavy dual turbolaser turrets were its main weapons and had two tracking modes. In its precise, long-range tracking mode, the DBY-827 could hit a target vessel at a range of 10 light minutes. During close-range fights, the turrets could rotate in three seconds with their fast-tracking mode. The DBY-827 had seven different power settings. As a true warship, the Venator-class Star Destroyer could divert almost all of its reactor output to its heavy turbolasers when needed.


Venators were equipped with powerful engines, a Class 1 hyperdrive with an effective range of 60,000 light-years. Its main reactor could annihilate up to 40,000 tons of hypermatter fuel per second, producing at maximum 3.6 × 1024 watts of power.

The main engine room had several vertical power cylinders littering the room, with walkways on different levels providing access to onboard personnel.

It also was a moderate speed craft, but was still fast enough to catch blockade runners, such as the CR90 Corvette. The most dangerous craft to it was a bomber or the Firespray-class 1 attack and patrol craft. It's heavy weaponry could cause extreme damage to even mainline Republic craft. [1]

Archer class blueprints

Venator Blueprints

StarFighters And Hangars Edit

The starfighters a Venator carried were V-Wings, V-19 Torrents, ARC's, and Eta-2 Actis starfighters. The hangars were located on both sides of the Venator and could be both used at the same time.